Product Features

The section describes the elements of the product functionalities which come together in this incredibly intelligent utility

The Tweet analysis AI

Our inhouse build AI algorithms continuously reads the public tweets (only and only public data) #NO PRIVACY BREACH and identifies the tokens which are potentially discussed in the conversation. Majority of users in the crypto space often use Metamask, phantom, or wallet extensions. Similarly, the X-Alpha extension is as simple, basic and can be audited by anyone and you can be very assured of your privacy.

The SAFU Intel filter

As the nature of crypto is we have a lot of scams popping up all the time in the market, the AI filters most of the noise using our proprietary algorithm protecting users from the malicious players in the market.

One click Trading - SCAN and INSTANT trade

Getting #FOMO right after reading a bullish tweet from your favorite influencers is a very common feeling a crypto trader goes through everyday specially in a bull market. Dont worry we got you covered, the terminal is integrated with all the fastest trading bots across all major L1/L2 blockchains to help you save time and effort.

X-alpha's AI Algorithm scans the entire crypto data touchpoints to identify the social media handles which enables instant access to information to further DYOR the projects.

Integrated X-ALPHA Alerts Service

The last pillar which fills the gap to stay on top of your game is tracking a project and waiting for the desired event say it be BUY THE DIP, CHANGE IN HOLDERS, Significant volume number which makes you build conviction in your trades. All these elements are in the X-alpha Alerts service via X-alpha intelligence bot directly integrated in the extension.

Social Media Trend Analysis

Afterall community and marketing is what makes a token grow if the fundamentals and narrative fit is strong, but its impossible to gauge it for newly launched tokens, X-alpha Social Analysis of the token ticker ($token) is going to make every investor make better decision increasing their chance of winning.

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